Requests for Parish Membership

Since the restructuring of schools last year, we are restricted on who can and cannot join St. Thomas.  If one lives within our boudaries, they automatically may register with us.  If outside our territory and want to register for school, they may register for school if the Pastor of their jurisdiction permits it.  The Aston/Boothwyn Pastors do not permit it since they have a regional school.  Those from outside our Parish that come here for school with permission may NOT register with us as parishioners if living within this Archdiocese.  They must keep their affiliation with their own parish of residence.

Protecting God’s Children

If you volunteer or work around children in any capacity at St. Thomas or are an employee, you need to have completed all necessary criminal background forms and training.

  1. PA criminal background check (update every 5 years)
  2. PA Child abuse check (update every 5 years)
  3. VIRTUS training class
  4. VIRTUS technology addendum
  5. Mandated reporter training
  6. PA Act 2011-24

Go to the LINKS section above and click on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia website, go to Protecting God’s Children for more info, or call the Rectory 610-459-2224. 


Let your light shine before men,
that they may see your good works,
and glorify  your Father who is in heaven.

Every single one of us have been gifted by our Heavenly Father with a particular talent (or many talents) unique to each soul.  This gift was given for you to share with God’s Kingdom here on earth.   St. Thomas the Apostle is YOUR spiritual home and we need you to be an active part of it. Think about your gifts and ask God to show you where He would like you to use them. Depending on your time, interest and particular gift, you can find the ministry that answers your calling.  If you are not an active member of your parish, please consider becoming one.  Look at our Ministry page and see which one fits your call. Let’s be proactive and keep our parish growing in spirit, friendship and unity. Every person matters and every person makes a difference, YOU can make a difference in your parish life. God bless you and guide you.