stewardship-maximizing-copyNine Reasons to Give Electronically



Our children really do learn what they live. Parents are the first and most important faith teachers. Summer is here and it gives parents a golden opportunity to show the children how to enjoy the “little” things and happiness is not obtained by only material possessions. Take the time to sit and talk with them, take walks together, play board games, do jobs around the house together. They can learn from you the very best things of life (God, family and friends) are free!


  1. Electronic giving recognizes your implicit financial commitment to our parish.

      2.  Electronic giving ensures a steady income for the parish. (Each weekend 25-30% of our regular parishioners are not in church because of sickness, vacation and other commitments.)

 Ease of Use

  1. Winter weather sometimes means Masses are poorly attended and a collection that the parish was expecting is a fraction of its usual amount.
  2. No more weekly check-writing or digging for cash in your wallet or pocketbook.
  3. No more fumbling with envelopes.
  4. Choose to contribute from your checking account, savings account or credit card.
  5. In January 2010, 62% of payments in the United Sates were electronic surpassing the number of checks written.


  1. With electronic giving, there is no check or cash that can be lost or stolen.
  2. Electronic giving ensures the security of your account information.






How many times do we hear from children and adults, I’m bored at Mass? There is a solution to boredom with Mass or anything—-get involved.

If you are a practicing Catholic (faithfully attends Mass EVERY Sunday, received all your sacraments, if married, you are married by a Catholic priest, you may  consider becoming a Lector or Eucharistic Minister. 

Other ways to be actively involved in the Mass:

*Take up the Offertory Gifts

*Be an user or greeter

*Join the Choir


We each need to approach the holy sacrifice of the Mass with the same enthusiasm we do when going to a movie, party, sport event, wedding and every other activity that we love. The Mass is our relationship with Jesus, and as in all relationships, you receive from it what you put into it. This relationship begins and grows when we put time aside to read Scripture, read the upcoming Sunday Readings and Gospel to prepare for Mass, tune our radios to Christian music and talk stations, view TV shows that feed our spirit and are in line with the morality Jesus calls us to. There is wisdom in knowing that garbage in is garbage out. Let’s not fill our minds and hearts with the things of the world when we can obtain the things of Heaven.  Our heavenly Father has called each one of us to holiness, let’s get on that path and we will make our homes, parishes, workplace and world heaven on earth.


St. Thomas the Apostle memories.

Requests for Parish Membership

Since the restructuring of schools last year, we are restricted on who can and cannot join St. Thomas.  If one lives within our boudaries, they automatically may register with us.  If outside our territory and want to register for school, they may register for school if the Pastor of their jurisdiction permits it.  The Aston/Boothwyn Pastors do not permit it since they have a regional school.  Those from outside our Parish that come here for school with permission may NOT register with us as parishioners if living within this Archdiocese.  They must keep their affiliation with their own parish of residence.

Protecting God’s Children

If you volunteer or work around children in any capacity at St. Thomas or are an employee, you need to have completed all necessary criminal background forms and training.

  1. PA criminal background check (update every 5 years)
  2. PA Child abuse check (update every 5 years)
  3. VIRTUS training class
  4. VIRTUS technology addendum
  5. Mandated reporter training
  6. PA Act 2011-24

Go to the LINKS section above and click on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia website, go to Protecting God’s Children for more info, or call the Rectory 610-459-2224. 


Let your light shine before men,
that they may see your good works,  and glorify  your Father who is in heaven.

Every single one of us have been gifted by our Heavenly Father with a particular talent (or many talents) unique to each soul.  This gift was given for you to share with God’s Kingdom here on earth.   St. Thomas the Apostle is YOUR spiritual home and we need you to be an active part of it. Think about your gifts and ask God to show you where He would like you to use them. Depending on your time, interest and particular gift, you can find the ministry that answers your calling.  If you are not an active member of your parish, please consider becoming one.  Look at our Ministry page and see which one fits your call. Let’s be proactive and keep our parish growing in spirit, friendship and unity. Every person matters and every person makes a difference, YOU can make a difference in your parish life. God bless you and guide you.