God is raising up His army through the power of the Rosary. Join us in this battle against the evil that seeks to destroy our families, parishes, schools and communities.

Our Blessed Mother is appearing to visionaries and expressing the desperate need for people to come together and pray as families, communities, parishes and privately. Prayer is the weapon of heaven.

Mary, our Mother of the Eucharist and Grace has asked Brother Carmelo to dedicate Hail Mary’s to fight the spiritual warfare we are in at the present time. Our Mother of the Eucharist and Grace has called souls to be part of this prayer.  Be a soul that responds with a “YES”.

Please set some time aside to walk through our Lord’s life by praying the Rosary. I encourage you to take some time to be part of this much needed spiritual intercession.

We invite you to stop in Church and spend time with The Mother of Eucharist and Grace residing on our Altar.


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Our Lord has told us to “Keep Holy The Sabbath“. In this, He calls you to join Him EVERY Sunday at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Please, if you do not attend Mass faithfully, begin today, tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Healing Mass health & healing
August 28th
@ 7:00 p.m.

O LORD my God, I cried out to You,  and You healed me.

Join us @ 7:30 p.m.
August 21st
for our Prayer Meeting.


Balikbayanmagazine.com article. It’s my first time to meet a miracle worker. In Balikbayan Magazine’s recent trip to Sta. Maria, Bulacan, we met Brother Carmelo Cortez, an ordinary man blessed with special gifts from God. It was in June 12, 1991, Brother Carmelo, then at 21, first witnessed manifestations of rose petals with religious images, and healing. He saw the Mother of Eucharist and Grace, a young lady dressed in white and bathed in brilliant light. Her heart was visible with the Eucharist at the center surrounded by golden stars. She held a rosary on her right hand and a scapular on her left.

I could only imagine how it felt like. Bro. Carmelo said, “I asked why me? There are a lot of better and more blessed people. I know that I am a sinner. But the Mother of Eucharist and Grace said that she looks at how pure is the heart.”   

It is not surprising that Brother Carmelo felt fear and confusion. “I thought I was losing my sanity. And so I consulted a priest to find out what’s happening to me, and what these visions meant,” he said.   

The Mother of the Eucharist and Grace had three wishes, that through Bro. Carmelo, the people would go back to the Roman Catholic Church; that the people should receive the body and blood of Christ; and the need for prayer for the priests.   

“The church received these manifestations negatively. They questioned the need to pray for the priests,” Bro. Carmelo said. Moreover, he said that when he had the privilege to speak to the late Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, even they believed that the priests need prayer.

Father Francis was asked in December to be the guardian of the statue of Our Mother of Eucharist and Grace.  Father has placed her on the altar for the faithful to have the opportunity to pray in her presence and see the gold that has appeared on her.  The gold dust is manifested after Brother Carmelo has spent time in the Holy House where the statues reside, a result of prayer and God’s blessing.  Father has also placed his statue of the sleeping St. Joseph on the altar (it is also covered with oil and gold).

You are invited to come and spend time in prayer. Please do not touch either statue, but allow the grace from Our Mother to touch you.

Abel was very concerned that his sacrifice be special to God.  He chose his first and best lamb and offered it to the Lord.  It was hard for Abel to give up his most prized possession, but it was important to him to try his best to do as God had asked.

Cain thought his little brother was a bit silly for giving up his best lamb.  “Good grief,” he thought.  “We need that lamb, God doesn’t.  I’m sure He’d be just as happy if we sacrificed the runt of the litter.  In fact, why does it need to be a lamb at all?  I’m a farmer and it’s been a great year for my wheat crop — I can’t use everything I’ve grown.  Why don’t I just burn some of the extra straw I have.  That way, I won’t be wasting any.”

Cain’s reasoning sounds pretty good when you first hear it, doesn’t it?

If you reason and believe with the heart of this world, it would make sense to you. But, with the eternal eyes of above Abel shows his ability to recognize all is from God and rightfully belongs to Him.

Cain, lacks the faith to trust God will provide his needs if he can put God first. He fails and experiences the cost of his lack of faith and gratitude.

St. Thomas Parish is a spirit filled spiritual home. We are blessed with many dedicated parishioners who offer their time in a variety of ministries. Here at St. Thomas we do a great deal of good for the poor, homeless, families in need etc.   Our parish is continuing to grow in numbers and spirit. It is because of this that I want to give you something to contemplate.

Over the years our Sunday collection has not kept up with the rise in the cost of living. Some families have given the same five or ten dollars a week for many years. If that is all that you can, then God will bless you and I thank you. However, for those who have seen cost of living increases, job promotions and pay raises,  I ask you to consider if you are due to make an increase in your Sunday contribution. Today, a movie ticket is over $10, registrations for sports is in the hundreds, so I am asking everyone to prayerfully contemplate what is a just amount to support your parish according to your circumstances.  Like Abel, you can be guaranteed God will never be outdone when we put His church first.



“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. “Come and see,” said Philip. John 1:46

Are you, or someone you know, searching for a faith walk with our Lord?  Do you wonder if anything good can come from attending RCIA?  Like our Lord, we say, Come and see!  You are invited to  attend the class to learn and understand the roots of our Catholic faith.  The class is every other week and is an hour and a half long  All materials will be provided. If you are interested, call the Rectory at 610-459-2224 and : COME AND SEE! 

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To all who helped in any with to make our Hospitality Sundays a success. We thank all who donated food, setup and took down tables, donated baked goods, and to every one that stopped in after Mass to enjoy the food and company.


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The unborn child is in desperate need of our protection. Each day thousands of babies are put to death. Abortion is a gruesome form of death, and for that reason alone should be fought against.  Each of us can do something to cry out to our heavenly Father to turn hardened hearts to see the truth, abortion stops a beating heart, it kills a child. Remember this mission in your prayers and daily works. Support your local pro-life groups and places that support mothers seeking help so they can choose life. In the end there are only two options, life or death; please choose life.


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St. Thomas Caring and Sharing Ministry is collecting Frist Communion dresses and veils to distribute to children in poor parishes. If you have a First Communion dress that your daughter has used, but is no longer needed, please consider donating it so a needy child can enjoy her special First Communion day in a special dress. Please drop your dress and veil off in the Social Hall after all morning Masses or at the Rectory.